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My Team

And then from nowhere

Out of the blue

A text

With a funny story

And I'm laughing out loud

Another one from a friend

"I love you"

A strong woman who survived

I remember how much I have

How many I have

These strong women around me

I gave birth to two

Who are now supporting me

My mother and daughter

In another life

Now my teacher

"You are not alone, much love"

A strong woman who survived

My oldest friend

Who survived the worst

"I am here for you my beautiful friend

You will be ok"

A strong woman who survived

Friends with hugs

Real ones

As many as I need

For as long as I need

Two strong women who survived

My old neighbour

At 11am

Shutters and blinds closed

Washing outside on the line

Getting wet as it rains

Knocking knocking knocking

"Are you ok?"

"No. It will never be ok."

"Oh my sweet girl. What can I do?

Don't be alone. I have extra room.

Here is dinner for you.

We are here when you need us"

A strong woman who survived

The teacher who showed me

A different path, nurturing

Patient, a heart full of love

Giving me hope, a new focus

"I am here for you anytime"

A strong man who survived

"Mum, are you ok? I love you"

"Mum, do you need anything? I love you"

Beautiful hugs, I love you

Phone calls, I love you

My own strong women

My grandad

Who could not protect me

In this life

Kept from me

Cherished me from afar

Now a promise to be forever near

Always protecting

Loving eternal by my side

My own angel

A strong man who survived so much

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