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She let him go

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

And just like that, he's gone

When once she could not imagine

Growing old without him

How her thoughts of the future

Are filled with excitement and newness

All those months she longed and yearned

For one more kiss and one more hug

Like a puff of wind on a summer day

In the blink of an eye

And the beat of a heat

He's gone

And she's alive again, she breathes

She hears the birds again

She smells the flowers and feels the grass

She sees her future and tastes freedom

She doesn't realise straight away

What it is she's done, it takes time

For the enormity of it to click

Because after all the tears and rituals

All the reading and writing about it

It just happened without a thought

Without any effort at all on her part

It was so simple she hardly realised at all

That she had done what she didn't think

It would ever be possible to do

But the lightness of her heart

The weight that seemed to have vanished

From shoulders that had been bowed for years

Her back was straighter and her knees strong

And once again her smile was always there

The day she had dreaded so much

Was a day she received a gift after all

The greatest gift anyone could have given her

And she gave it to herself

She let him go

All the tears and anger and hurt and pain

Just fizzled away without her realising

She remembered who she was before

And she started again.

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