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The Gold Is Love

I miss you but I don't want you

I love you but I hate you

I'm lonely but I'm healing in the solitude

Without you I am becoming whole again

I lost my half, my twin, my heart

Becoming one and finding the pieces

Putting it all back together and seeing

It's more beautiful than before you broke it

I am a kintsugi work in progress

I am repairing myself with gold

The gold is love in every form

The love of myself in a way I have never loved

The love of other women's tears and understanding

The love of the forest, it's arms holding gently

As I enter the comforting green and cool

Where the holes were, huge gaping missing bits

They are filling with gold and sunshine

Long remembered security that I forgot

The knowing I am and always will be okay

Remembering gifts, forgetting the hurt and pain

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