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Who Am I? (I'm Still figuring that one out!)

Hello, I’m Georgia. Welcome to my website. I've built this as a sort of sanctuary, a safe place, where I can share everything that has helped me go from whatever is below rock bottom to waking up happy each day and filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the future. 

My life has been quite a journey so far. I've had great love and friendships, and wonderful adventures and many would look at me and see just that. However, I have also known devastating loss and betrayal, rejection and abandonment. From childhood abuse, to leaving a tight-knit religious community I had been a part of all my life until I was 49 to most recently the breakup of my 34-year marriage which ended in separation and divorce. I've had to accept massive changes in my life that were not of my choosing and some that were but were still equally as tragic. I've learned that I am a lot stronger than I ever imagined I could be. I've learned that I can do hard things even when I don't want to and I've, through necessity, rebuilt my life or rather created a new one, when the nice easy one I was living imploded and left me more lost and alone than I thought it was possible to be. I'm not telling you all this so that you will feel sorry for me, but rather so you can understand that I've been there too. I know the pain of loss and disappointment that can bring you to your knees. I know what it's like to be terrified of the future because you can't imagine it. And I know what it's like to lose everything you thought you could trust and count on. I've been there but I've also come out the other side.

I realised that if I can do it, anyone can. I'm not special, I don't have anything different that has made it easy for me. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. To wake up happy every day, to feel like my life has a purpose and to have found ways to bring joy back into my life.

This website is here so that you can learn about all the tools that helped me to get to where I am now. But it's more than that, it's a community of like-minded souls who can help each other. Sometimes all we need is to feel that we are heard and understood.

So what's here? You'll find articles and books to download, meditations and courses, recommendations and guidance, all based on healing tools that I and others have proved work. There is a private FaceBook group that you can join and you can subscribe to my newsletter below for weekly inspiration, exclusive meditations and mini-courses.

I'm so happy you are here. Please feel free to drop me a line either via the connect page above or to my email

I hope you find something here that inspires you and helps you a little further on your healing journey. You're not alone, I'm with you. I hear you.

Love Georgia x




Georgia Clare - Synergy In Healing
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