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I Have To Let You Go

I have to let you go

I have to release you from my heart so I can live again

It's the hardest thing I've ever done

And I don't know how to do it

I toss and turn, I can't sleep

Knowing that I have to let you leave

But how do I let go of my own heart

The greatest love that I ever had

I'm clinging on with every last bit of my strength

Knowing that I can't keep holding on

My fingers are slipping and losing their grasp

When I let go, I'll fall to my death

But I have to let you go to keep my mind

You don't want me, you made that clear

You've moved on to another with no thought

Of all we made together and all we were

Maybe you think I will wait as long as it takes

For you to realise that it's the biggest mistake

You have made or will ever make

For you to understand my light has gone from you

I have to let you go so I can start to live again

To find out how to live without you

To discover who I am now and find the lost parts of me

To put my heart back together again

I have to let you go

But it's killing me to do it

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