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Why Should YOU Listen To ME?!

Who am I to think that I am qualified to help anyone? That's what I inititally thought when I decided to embark on this journey. I've been waiting for someone to say, Oh Georgia you are such a success you should help others, or Oh Georgia you've healed all your traumas so completely, it's now time for you to share with others...But guess what, they didn't. No one said that to me, plus I haven't completely healed, I don't think that will ever happen, it's a constant thing. And how do I measure success? To some people I am a massive success and to others not even a tiny one, but that doesn't matter because it's how I view myself that matters. It's my idea of success that is important to me, not yours or my best friends, or my next door neighbours.

So why should you read my posts and watch my videos? One thing I learned many years ago is that of course I can figure things out on my own, and had been doing for a long time, but there was an easier way. Find someone who has already taken the journey, whether it is something I need in business or in my personal life. I have usually been able to find someone who has dealt with the issues I am facing. So if you are feeling lost and alone, like you can't see a purpose to life, that each day is a struggle and you just can't wait for it to be over and get back into bed to the oblivion of sleep, but oh wait, that's just wishful thinking too because you are too stressed and distraught to sleep. Yeah, I've been there. And, I've come out the other side. I found things that helped me, daily routines, mentors, inspiration and reasons to keep living. That's what I want to share with you here and on my social media channels.

I don't want to dwell on the trauma I have experienced in my life too much but I need to mention it so that you know that I understand. Briefly... childhood sexual abuse by my father, physical punishment by both parents, growing up part of a strict cult religion, betrayal by my husband and best friend of 33 years, abandonment by my mother and brother when I left the religion, ill health, depression, addiction. So to say that now I am the other side of all this has taken a lot of work and great courage and determination and resources. You see I didn't want my life to be defined by my experiences. I wanted a full life, a rich life and a happy life.

In the photo below you can see that I am well on my way to achieving this. I have a few things now that I have learned to use if I feel myself slipping backwards into a low vibration or if something triggers me. In my next posts I am going to write about these and share my resources of websites, books, podcasts, rituals, routines and so much more that have literally saved my life.

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